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Find out to increase your credit score and improve your financial history by removing negative items. We also provide online credit scores and financial management advice for consumers who want to keep a high score and also protect themselves against identity theft.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act has guaranteed consumers access to their annual credit report for FREE from the 3 national agencies: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. These three major consumer reporting agencies sell consumer credit files to firms and financial institutions with whom we apply for lending.

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To secure the accuracy and privacy of all information provided in consumer credit reports, the Federal Trade Commission has implemented legal requirements in which individuals can now get their credit report online for free once a year.

Credit history is a document which presents information about a person's financial credibility. It shows companies about your past and current financial obligations and if you pay on time. Simply put, a credit report provides access to information that determines if you are eligible for a loan or a credit card from a financing company. Consumers need to ensure that the information printed on our credit history reports is accurate and current.

Many things could effect you not checking your credit at least every six months. It is essential that consumers ensure they request their complete financial profile each year. Below is a list of things that could happen if you don't get your credit checked on a regular basis. Identity Theft, Bankruptcy, Missed Payments and Lost or Stolen Credit Card.

People who have had trouble with credit in the past (lots of late card payments, defaulted loans, late mortgage payments or even bankruptcy) are, naturally, considered risky candidates by lenders. On the other hand, if you have a long history of paying your bills promptly and not becoming financially overextended, lenders will encourage your business by offering you more credit and lower interest rates. If you are like the vast majority of people, you likely fall somewhere in the middle.

Your credit score is a numerical "summary" of the information contained in your credit report. You can think of it as your financial grade point average. Although there are actually numerous different types of credit scores out there, the FICO score is, by far, the most commonly used system in the U.S. Although the exact formula isn't publicly known, as mentioned above, your FICO score is calculated using the following five categories of financial data: payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, recent financial activity, and types of credit used.

The better the condition of your credit history, the better your chances of being approved and getting a good interest rate. A high credit score can both save you thousands of dollars over the years and expand your purchasing opportunities (a fancier car, a bigger house, etc.)

Unfortunately, identity theft is an increasingly common problem. Malicious hackers and other computer criminals steal credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information from millions of individuals every year. This information is then used to open new credit cards, take out loans, and make big purchases. The victims are left with ruined credit and, in many cases, huge amounts of debt. Getting it all sorted out can be a long, difficult, and expensive process.

Any suspicious or unauthorized activity will show up quickly on your report, usually within a week or two following each monthly billing cycle. While an online credit report won't necessarily prevent identity theft from happening, it is an invaluable tool for mitigating its damaging affects on you financial well being.

A free credit report is the perfect starting point for drafting your plan for a brighter financial future. Perhaps you already have good credit and just want to know how to make it every better. Maybe, on he other hand, you have made some mistakes in the past and have a lot of work to do before your score is something to celebrate. Either way, a free credit report will give you the information necessary to get moving in the right direction.

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